Guild Briefing
Alixium is a veteran private server guild that originated on Feenix Warsong in October of 2010. The guild itself has been through many different stages, play styles and games. Times of inactivity and times of greatness. On Elysium we have one simple goal. To have fun playing the game, and to do that for a long time (#Naxxramas2019). We are people who have wanted to expierence classic World of Warcraft as close to retail as possible and the Elysium Project is doing just that. We are here to enjoy the game and most of all, the raids.

There are several new aspects to the guild that open it to a larger playing crowd. Instead of being a private guild we are moving towards more of a mix. With a hardcore player base leading the main raid group and a second player base eventually building a second core social raid group on weekends for alts and friends. We do not look to be #1 on the realm however our main raid group is focused on quick progression and ranking in PvP.

We look for all types of players interested in having a good time and enjoying classic World of Wacraft for many years to come. We are a home for both new, returning and veteran players who wish to find a guild with a solid foundation, active playerbase, has a core raid group and secondary raid group for missed raids/make ups, friends and alts.

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